Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Special Trip in Korea...

Our family had a very special opportunity to go to the Korean Naval Forces. 
We had a Korean family with 4 kids visit us in Arkansas 7 years ago. Then, we visited them in Texas after couple of months. We had the opportunity to know more about each other... but still, it was short. 
And we haven't heard much from them ever since from then.
Just before we came over to Korea, the father of that family had found out that we were coming to Korea. When my parents heard from them, they realized something... the father was now a Captain of a Warship in the Korean Naval Forces! And he invited our whole family to come and stay for couple days! What an opportunity! He also asked my dad to share couple things he shared at the conferences... such as child training.
Here are some of the pictures from the trip!

Before we went in through the gate, we met with one of the soldiers and received this permit.

At the gate... a Soldier in the front car is explaining that we are the guests coming in for a special visit.

Paul, Nathanael, and Daniel Getz looking around... curiously...

Noah trying out a new fashion style! :D

Cornelius with the special life jacket!

"Do I look BIG??"  :)

A group picture!!
(We were only allowed to take pictures at a specific place, so they gave us many chances to take group pictures! :D)

Paul trying on the diving helmet... It is about 13kg (28.66 lbs).... Poor Paul... Don't get squashed!!!

We had a very nice meal in the Captain's room. So did Cornelius. :)

Dad had the opportunity to share about child training to about 100 soldiers...

But some of the singles... fell asleep... including this guy, Noah. 

Captain (our friend), and Dad.

Cornelius started a tradition of leaving heart stickers everywhere ever since we came to Korea. He accomplished his mission here, also!

"I want to see, too!!"

A group picture in front of an old submarine!!

Kids climbing up the steep stairs to go in the submarine...
Would you like to go in?

No thanks for us... :P

Looks at this brave young man!!

Ending the submarine tour with a very special service... 

"Mom, it was awesome!!"

Nathanael waiting in line to get in the other submarine...

Daniel Getz and his official translator...
Daniel was not allowed in certain areas. So he had a special 1:1 tour with this man.

Group Picture!!

Military way of taking pictures. (They are not fists... they represent, 'Victory') :D

They passed out gifts at the end of the tour. The girls received little Navy soldiers, and the boys received all the hats Captain had collected through out the years...

"We are happy now!!"

We visited the Captain's home that night...

Another visit...

Happy as always... :D

A soldier playing with Daniel

Mom explaining to Daniel and Cornelius about the old Korean Warship.

This is how it looked like...

Group Picture!!!! Tallest to shortest!!

We had such a fun and memorable time there at the Korean Naval Forces.
Thank you so much to everyone who made this trip possible, and most of all, thank you, God for everything!!